File interlink and filegroups

Hi all,

I decided to show you all my idea about possible new file-system for OS's. It's radically different from most today's filesystems, and that's why I'm writing a blog about it. Seems like blog is the best way to reach people. :) And, all I'd like to see is this idea coming to life in some future OS.

Let's call it File-interlink file system - FIFS.

Basic idea behind it was to ease the installation of applications and search for files in today's high performance enviroment.

So, let's start with description of FIFS. :)

FIFS should be based on meta-information and so-called filegroup-nodes. Every file is a member of one or more filegroups. Similar to directories, but again, totally different. Filegroups are star-like structures connected to filegroup-node (which is the base of every filegroup, and information about files are stored in it). This structure could be compared to workgroup structure, where we can scan the whole range to see which computers are connected to the network in the same subnet as we are.

Idea is to organize files in more brain-like pattern. If we have file that is member of few filegroups, then we can remember where we put it on a number of ways, and find it easily, even without using search engine to check for it.

Eg: I am in France, I have a file called 'expenses.xls' in a folder 'Expenses' on a storage system in USA, 'invoice_draft.doc' in a local folder called 'Drafts', 'project.doc' in a folder named 'Projects' on my external drive, and 'team.jpg' in a folder called 'Pictures from last summer' which is on my home computer (connected to internet). And on a project I am working right now, I'd like to group those files together (or even folders!!) to simplify my work. With filegroups, I can create a new filegroup-node called fg-mydata, and grant him access to all of these files. So, you think it can be done with shortcuts? Yes, it can be done, but one-way. What I need is two-way communication. Let's get further. Each of these files 'know' that it is a member of filegroup fg-mydata, and when I do the right-click on it, it shows me all of the other files which are members of the same filegroup.

Why is it usefull? Think about this. You can't find your file anywhere, and you need it immediately. Don't worry. Instead of thinking where you put it, try to think of what you put next to it, something that can be related to it. It's like brain. You cannot remember some term right now, but if someone gives you a tip, a clue, something that reminds you of that term, you'll discover it in your memory very quickly.

Furthermore, installing a new application will be much more simple, because it wouldn't install it's files in folders, but in a application-predefined filegroups (eg. fg-system, fg-windows, fg-home, fg-nameofapplication). Similar to folders, but again - different. :) If an application can't find it's file in eg. fg-system, it can ask the OS search engine to check for it, and OS can start a parallel search on more than one filegroup, or even use AI to check if there is another way to get that file. And this way, application can always check it's consistensy, because it knows which files are it's own, and which are possible viruses, worms, trojans, etc.

Anyway, it's much work, and I'd like someone to see if it can be done... :) This idea is not patented, nor I'd like it to be... All I want to see is that it is usable, and used somewhere.

I believe that even Google search engine can find something usefull in this idea. Someone pointed me that it's similar to Google GMail Labels, but so far I've seen, it's more advanced to Google's Labels.

For everyone interested - feel free to contact me on my e-mail - lukicenator@gmail.com.